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Civitta is "no frills" professional firm focused on fact-based advice and implementation support for private sector clients and public institutions. We offer management consulting, data analytics, market research, outsourced management, project administration and technical assistance, as well as investment advisory services.

Civitta is a partnership established by a team of experienced professionals who have been in the professional services business for several decades. Our team members worked as consultants on their own right, or in other professional service firms, such as McKinsey & Company, A.T. Kearney, Ernst&Young, Deloitte, PwC, leading companies in industry, and entrepreneurial ventures. Our group is headquartered in Tartu, Estonia – where the first company was founded in 2002 – an academic town firmly established as a leader in intellectual advancement and innovation throughout the region and the World. 

Proficiency is at the core of our business, and in order to keep high standards we are constantly looking for talented and motivated hires. We employ best graduates from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, and other countries, as well as field professionals that already have solid business experience.

Why to choose Civitta as your employer?
  • We offer all our employees, even the young graduates or interns, the freedom of adventure. All our employees, independent of their previous experience, from their first day at work get a high degree of responsibility, the opportunity to realize their entrepreneurial ambitions, and impeccable chances to meet new people and establish valuable connections. We believe that this approach allows talented people to grow fast!
  • We celebrate diversity. Our employees have come from all the Baltic States, Belarus, Moldova, , as well as more remote places like United States, Ireland, and India. Our people also have diverse educational and cultural backgrounds: mathematicians work alongside history graduates, class clowns work side by side with academic geeks and athletes. To further promote diversity, we actively encourage international staffing, including a staff exchange program with peer consulting companies in the region.
  • We invest in our people by offering them professional development. Employees receive a standard menu of trainings on the basics of consulting, tailor made solutions depending on specific needs– from English language courses to advanced Excel trainings, and financial support to pursue outside learning on topics of their choice . What’s more – we help people capitalize on the learning they get on the job – through timely feedback and evaluation.
  • Civitta is a place with non-hierarchical work environment. We believe that if someone is good enough to pass the Civitta entrance test, they have something to contribute to any client engagement or any other part of our business, be it sales or administration. We always keep the doors open for any employee to voice his opinion.
  • We offer competitive compensation that is in line with the general labor market. Benefits, such as sports allowances, health insurance, phone and car compensation, and support of social activities and hobbies depend on the tenure in the company, position and country of employment.
  • Civitta is about fun. We believe in hard work and value it, but we think that work is particularly productive, when it is fun. Our employees are great and nice people to work with, and we constantly put effort into making the environment in Civitta as enjoyable, as possible. We organize social events once a month to provide opportunities for employees to socialize. Twice a year we organize offsite sessions, where all the company gets together, and once a year we all go abroad to relax and enjoy time spent among friends.
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